An Actionable Strategy for Hiring Great Employees

No employer sets out to hire bad employees. What everyone in a position to hire really wants is exceptional people with the needed experience and skills, people that will come on board:

  • Ready to perform
  • Able to adapt and learn quickly
  • Able to get along well with existing staff
  • Expecting to stay with the company for a long time.

Yet all too often, that's not who gets hired. Too often, the new hire claims to have the necessary skills and experience but lacks the personal qualities needed to be a high performer. These people don't earn money for the employer. They cost money in lost productivity and high turnover.

Why, when employers clearly know what they want in a new hire, do they so often end up with what they don't want? The answer can only be that they have not fully defined exactly what qualities they want in a new hire. And further, they don't have a system for sorting out which applicants have those qualities. 

What qualities, then, beyond job skill and experience, make a great new hire?

In his book  "The 7 C's of Hiring," successful entrepreneur and start-up investor Alan E. Hall says that his extensive experience in hiring hundreds of employees taught him that great employees are those that possess the following 7 key traits. 

  1. Competent: Does the candidate have the skills, experience, and education to successfully perform the job they're being considered for?
  2. Capable: Will the candidate complete both the easy tasks and those that require more effort? 
  3. Compatible: Does the candidate have the willingness and ability to get along with co-workers and clients? 
  4. Commitment: Is the candidate serious about working for the long-term? 
  5. Character: Does the person have values that align with yours, such as honesty, strong work ethic, willingness to accept responsibility, respect for others, etc. 
  6. Culture: Will the candidate fit in with existing values, expectations, policies and procedures that make up your company culture?  
  7. Compensation: Be sure the person hired agrees to a compensation package and is satisfied with what is offered. 

Hall suggests that looking for candidates that possess these 7 qualities strengthens the odds of hiring people that will be happy and productive employees for a very long time.

Learn the 7 C's of Hiring

But how can employers identify these key traits in a candidate? That's where pre-hire assessments come in.

Pre-hire assessments for skills, attitude, values and job fit are a cost-effective way to gain a more complete picture of a candidate's long-term suitability for a particular job position. The "below the surface" knowledge an assessment gathers can help save time and money by:

  • sorting out the few best candidates from a large pool of applicants.
  • exposing areas to delve into more deeply during personal interviews.
  • increasing the odds of identifying the candidate with the highest potential of being a great employee for your company.

So here's your actionable strategy for hiring great employees:

  1. Use the 7 C's to fully define exactly what qualities you want and need in a new hire.
  2. Use pre-hire assessments to help identify candidates that possess the qualities needed to be productive, long-term employees.

I'm Jennifer Leake, a Certified Management Consultant and authority in helping businesses of every size hire, develop and retain productive, engaged employees. My goal is simple: to help you build a culture that attracts and retains engaged employees who will build long term success. To learn more about my proven "People System", give me a call at 866-373-0300 or contact me.