Hiring Mistake #2

In a conversation with the owner of several pizza stores in town, he shared he’d like to be a bit more selective in who he hired to deliver pizzas. But with 20 pizzas on the table to be delivered, if a candidate could pass the license background check and meet insurance standards, they were hired.

Hopefully, most hiring decisions don’t have that degree of desperation or need in them. You may think they do and act that way, but it’s often not the case.

When you are desperate, your standards decline. You talk yourself into seeing greatness in a candidate that is probably not there. You put on your rose-colored glasses and fail to see the reality of the person sitting in front of you.

Everything they say and all their answers take on a touch of “perfect for the job”. Your critical thinking and skepticism goes out the window.

If for some reason you are truly desperate for a person to fill your position, consider using someone else in your organization on a temporary basis. Or use a temp service to get you someone short term. Then continue to seek the right person to fill your position.

Two things I’ve learned about interviewing candidates, especially salespeople:

First, they are salespeople … and they are selling themselves in an interview. Be skeptical and don’t get sold. Selling you may be the only thing they are good at.

Second, good sales leaders are usually positive and optimistic – and look for the best in others. This works for you as a leader but can be something that works against you when hiring, especially if you are desperate.

Bottom Line:

It is hard to make a non-emotional and wise hiring decision when desperation creeps into your thinking.

Choosing the wrong person can have an emotional and financial toll on the new hire, other employees, the company and especially you.

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6 Hiring Mistakes


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