Hiring Mistake #3

My my mother gave me a key piece of advice when I first began dating and asked her the question “what will we talk about?” She suggested I ask him questions about himself.  “People like to talk about themselves so he’ll do all the talking … and he’ll think you’re a brilliant conversationalist.” That advice is even more valuable in a hiring interview.

Ask the RIGHT Questions that let the candidate talk ... and you listen.

Employers spend far too much time talking about themselves, their company and the job. It’s more like you are selling the candidate on why they should come work for you rather than getting them to sell YOU on why you should pay them and allow them to work for you.

They need to convince YOU to take the chance to give them access to your company, your reputation and good will, and your finances.

Asking the right questions and putting yourself in the role of listener provides many clues to who they are. It allows you to focus on not only what, but how, they say things. What do you notice in their non-verbal clues as well as the responses they share? Are they believable? Do their answers contradict themselves?

With a job benchmark of past performers, you have a better idea of what you are looking for. Your interview questions are then targeted to the specific behaviors you know the employee will need to be successful or what hasn't worked in the past. Learn from history.

Bottom Line:

Even in a tough job market, your purpose in the interview is to learn as much as you can about the person you are thinking of hiring. It is not to win their approval or convince them to please take your job.
Just like dating, in hiring you are looking for a long-term relationship that will benefit both of you.

Not sure what you're looking for in a candidate? Want help in gathering this information? Email me or call 540-420-1004 and let's schedule a time to talk. We can HELP!

6 Hiring Mistakes


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