Hiring Mistake #4

It’s rare for “love at first sight” to work out in dating. The same is true in hiring. Not that success couldn’t happen in both … it just usually doesn’t.

No one sets out to hire someone who will fail in a job. (One sales manager once told me he’d rather donate a kidney than have to fire another salesperson.) So how do they get hired?

It’s because we made a decision on our first impression that wasn’t accurate. Over time, we learn more about the other person and what was once “love” turns into disappointment.

Statistics show that most hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 minutes of an interview. The rest of the time is spent justifying this first impression of like or dislike.

As a result, good and talented people are hired into a company, job or team that is not a good “fit”.

The wrong hire can cost your company thousands of dollars, so only depending on your “gut” to hire can be expensive. Making a decision too quickly, without data, facts and a reality check increases the likelihood of a wrong hire.  

It’s human nature to feel more comfortable with people who remind us of ourselves. But you might be a terrible fit in the position you are seeking to fill – and so will they. It also limits the talent pool and the diversity of talents and strengths that your team might need.

Bottom Line:

Use employee assessments as tools to offer objective data that supplements and/or supports your experience and “gut” in hiring.

Assessments provide targeted, results based questions to challenge your first impression – and will either confirm or cause you to rethink whether this is the right person for you.

Assessments bring objectivity, consistency and thoroughness to the interview process - something you can’t do on your own.

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6 Hiring Mistakes


Getting ready to hire? Avoid 6 Hiring Mistakes Most Sales Leaders Make.

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