Hiring Mistake #5

Sales candidates may lie or exaggerate.  Well, perhaps not on purpose – but they really want a job and have a strong desire to make a great impression in the interview. So perhaps they stretch the truth a bit.

Technically an exaggeration is a lie. But most people don’t see it that way, so most people exaggerate. Executive search professionals agree it is naïve to think that all candidates are going to be truthful. I even found an article on LinkedIn entitled, Why You Must Lie on Job Interviews and What You Must Lie About. 

A Harris Poll survey reports 58% of hiring managers say they’ve caught lies on resumes.

What kinds of things might a candidate exaggerate or lie about?

  • Education
  • Background check information
  • Experience
  • Reason they failed to arrive on time     (or at all) for your interview
  • Why they were terminated
  • Past salary

So how can you tell if a candidate is lying? Verify information.

Dig deeper if something feels or looks off, such as gaps in employment, vague references to experience, education or credentials.

Bottom Line:

Be skeptical and look for body language such as voice changes, failure to make eye contact, breathing or posture changes, and telling you too much or over-explaining.

Consider outside resources such as background check services or an Attitude pre-employment assessment to measure things like integrity, honesty, hostility and substance abuse.

Not sure what you're looking for in a candidate? Want help in gathering this information? Email me or call 540-420-1004 and let's schedule a time to talk. We can HELP!

6 Hiring Mistakes


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