Hiring Mistake #6

What you know changes – who you are does not.  Dating someone you know is wrong with the belief that you’ll “fix” them later rarely works out well. It’s also not a formula success when hiring.

Hiring someone with the right skills but the wrong mind-set or personality can be a costly hiring mistake.

Basic personality traits do not change and are hard-wired at an early age. Introverts don’t become extroverts … and vice versa. Strong willed children become strong willed adults. Your personality is essentially the same throughout your life.

You can train and improve skills but you can’t train attitude. Things such as work ethic, honesty and integrity (to name a few) are ingrained in people once they are old enough to be in the workforce. You can teach a sales person prospecting skills - but they may be too introverted to prospect. You can teach a sales person how to close - but they may be so conflict averse they won’t ever take the actions needed to close.

You also can’t train your way out of a bad hire. When people don’t fit a job, a company culture or the boss they work for – training won’t fix it.

You waste time and money by trying to train the wrong people for a job.

I want to be a good steward with my clients’ money when I’m hired as a trainer. We both want to see good results from the time and money invested. But sometimes the wrong people are in my sales training sessions because they don’t “fit” the job they’ve been hired to do. And ultimately, my best efforts, their hard work, your money and no amount of training (regardless of how good it is) will make them more successful.

Bottom Line:

Don’t put a square peg in a round hole. Hiring people with the right experience or education doesn’t ensure job success.

Hire people with the right attitude and “job fit” for you and your job – and then train them with the skill and knowledge they need to do well.

Not sure what you're looking for in a candidate? Want help in gathering this information? Is training the answer, and what training is needed? Email me or call 540-420-1004 and let's schedule a time to talk. We can HELP!

6 Hiring Mistakes


Getting ready to hire? Avoid 6 Hiring Mistakes Most Sales Leaders Make.

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