Emotional Intelligence


Regardless of your status or position in life or work, every person on this planet interacts with others in some way. When we are aware of our own emotions and understand how they affect our behavior, we throw open the door to success and achievement in both work and home life. 

The ability to understand the effect your emotions have on others, and manage yourself accordingly, is a competitive advantage. Yet most of us don't have a very accurate idea of how emotionally intelligent we are ... or not.

People skilled in Emotional Intelligence outperform others, both personally and professionally. Leaders are better motivators and build stronger team. Salespeople develop more clients, have higher sales and experience better client retention. 

6 Key Traits of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence covers a number of different skills and is equally important as the use of intellectual skills (IQ). When considering the world of work, research consistently shows a Leader's Emotional Intelligence is the single biggest factor in driving Employee Engagement.

emotional reasoning


inspiring performance

self awareness

awareness of others


Empathy is a key skill of those who are high in the Self-Awareness trait of Emotional Intelligence. This video by Dr. Brene' Brown illustrates the difference between Empathy and Sympathy. 

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