"I believe people make or break our organization."

"We need to develop engaged and productive employees, work teams that communicate and perform well, and managers who can motivate and retain employees. This is even more important in today’s multi-generation workforce. How do we create a culture to develop and retain key talent, as well as a succession plan to keep us competing and excelling as a company?"


Every successful business leader believes that a key element of sustaining a business is to hire and retain the right people in the right job at the right time. It is especially true in today’s unique multi-generation workforce. Once hired, it's even more important to retain this key talent.

As a leader, you need two key components in your company to do this, Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement.

This requires a solid “People System” – a system to help your organization:

  • Hire people for “job fit” – to position, your company culture and your management. Successful performance in a previous job does not always translate to success in a new position, manager or company.
  • Provide regular, personal feedback – all employees, especially the growing millennial workforce, want and need feedback on how they’re doing in the job. It is impossible to sustain an engaged and productive workforce without it. Failure to do this affects performance and more importantly, your profits.
  • Develop managers and build a leadership bench.  People join a company … and quit a boss. An employee’s direct supervisor is the critical factor in work performance and job satisfaction. Yet many bosses have never been given direction or training in coaching employees, and many companies fail to build a bench for future company needs and growth.

Learn more about my proven People System. Let me help your people system be as strong as your operational system. With it, you will hire the right people, motivate them to continue to give their best effort for your company and be inspired to give more effort for a boss they believe in. Your people and your managers are the biggest contributing factor to your company’s performance, profits and future success.

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Great Leaders Have Emotional Intelligence Interview with John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods by Lewis Schiff, Director, Inc. Business Owners Council.