Human Resources Professionals


"I want to take a stronger seat at the management table"

"With a lean (or no) staff, I’m expected to create a culture of success and engaged, productive employees. We all know you can’t train or manage your way out of a bad hire. But too often managers who have made a bad hire expect me to fix the situation. What can I do to help low performers who have already been hired? How do I insure we make better hires in the future?"


As a human resources professional, there is a lot demanded of you. You face unique challenges that may not even be understood by your co-workers. However, you are also uniquely situated to bring profound, lasting change and efficiency to your company's hiring, employee development and engagement, and retention practices.

That's why Assessment Pros loves to partner with HR professionals to identify existing problems, create a common sense plan, be a voice and advocate to senior and executive management, and walk out these plans to help you achieve success.

I love to see HR professionals make the shift from the defense to the offense, gain traction and take control of your company's employee culture. I also love to see you become the star as productivity multiplies, employee engagement becomes the norm, and revenue skyrockets. 

At the most fundamental level, I want to HELP you achieve your professional goals.

  1. Hire the best employees.

  2. Engage employees so they enjoy a sense of purpose, are energized, and productive.

  3. Lead and develop them to achieve results, especially in sales, customer service, and teamwork.

  4. Produce results - increased revenue, a bigger, happier customer base, and operational efficiency - results that effect both your employees' careers and the bottom line of your business.

You are an expert in your field. That's why I'd love to empower you with the tools and best-practices I've used with countless HR professionals to achieve quantifiable results for their companies. I'll help you prevent problems before they start, give you access to different assessments, and help prevent the wrong employee from ever getting hired. The wrong employee, or a mismanaged right employee, is where you lose money.


I want you show you how to have a stronger seat at the management table. I'm passionate about working with you to reduce the challenges of hiring and managing people. Let me help you build the strong and engaged teams you need to boost productivity and profits.

There are 4 ways to start being an Employee Engagement Champion in your company:

  1. Call me at 866-373-0300 to set up a complimentary consultation to meet each other and discuss your challenges.

  2. Contact me by email.

  3. Join the LinkedIn group, Virginia HR Employee Engagement Forum.

  4. Download my Employee Engagement primer, Let's Get Engaged: Making Employee Engagement a Priority in Your Company

 Take your first action today.

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