Let's Get Engaged!


Employee Engagement Primer


Yes, I want to make Employee Engagement a Priority in MY company! This primer includes a FREE ROI Calculator to show how profitable employee engagement can be.

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Hi! I’m Jennifer Leake, Certified Management Consultant.

I want to help your company build employee engagement, reduce costs and increase performance, sales and profits.  That’s why I’d like to offer you my employee engagement primer entitled, Let’s Get Engaged! Making Employee Engagement a Priority in Your Company.

You may be thinking, "Employee engagement sounds like an HR issue. Why is it important to me as a business owner or leader? What does it have to do with increasing sales?”

My answer is “Everything!”

Engaged employees feel valued and appreciated. In turn, they make your customers feel valued and appreciated. And performance, sales and profits grow.

Numerous studies prove it. But I learned this long before the first employee engagement studies were done. I saw it demonstrated daily on my first job, where a wise employer made my co-workers and I feel respected and appreciated. He knew we’d pass these values on to his customers. And I saw how his business prospered.

That early, positive experience made me a passionate advocate for growing employee engagement!  And I want to fire YOU up with your own passion for a principle that I believe can change not only your workplace, but the world you live in.

I’ve been a business consultant for more than twenty years, and in that time I’ve never seen an idea that has more potential to positively impact both businesses and the people that make them run. Employee Engagement is an idea whose time has come, and the goal of my Employee Engagement primer is to get you as motivated as I am to bring employee engagement into workplaces everywhere.  

Take the first step to a more engaged workforce by downloading my employee engagement primer, including an ROI calculator.