Why Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to both understand and manage your own emotions, as well as recognize and respond appropriately to the emotions of others.

It is a better predictor of job performance and success than cognitive intelligence (IQ).

Measure Emotional Intelligence in your organization.

Emotional Intelligence Traits
Emotional Intelligence is a Top 10 Job Skill for Success

Employees with high Emotional Intelligence:

  • outperform those with low EI 70% of the time. (TalentSmart)
  • tend to be more engaged and committed to their work. (Hay Group)
  • experience less stress and burnout at work. (Journal of Occupational Health Psychology)
  • are more effective managers. (Center for Creative Leadership)
  • are more likely to be promoted. (CareerBuilder)

Why invest and train in Emotional Intelligence?

  • Stronger Leadership: EI leaders are better at connecting with and inspiring their team members. This leads to greater engagement and productivity.
  • Better Business Relationships: More effective communication builds stronger relationships with co-workers, clients, and other stakeholders.
  • Reduces Conflict: Managing your own emotions, and responding appropriately to the emotions of others helps in difficult conversations and conflicts.
  • Better Decision-making: Considering the emotions and perspectives of others helps make better decisions.

Measure Emotional Intelligence in your organization.

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