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People are the building blocks of your company. Building a Best Job Ever Culture is the mortar that holds it all together. It provides the required actions to achieve what all companies strive for: employee engagement, performance, and retention.

Our first work together involves 3 key diagnostics and actions:

Job Expectations - Create Clear Direction for Employees

Consider the traditional performance appraisal. Managers often hate to give them, and employees call in sick to avoid them. In addition, 80% of employees who only meet expectations think they are exceeding.

Our first step in building a Best Job Ever culture sets clear expectations to common performance technology such as Core Values, "team player" or "good attitude". This help employees better better understand what exceeds, meets, or is unacceptable performance behavior in their job. Clear and objective expectations not only develop raw talent in current employees and retain more talent in general, it also helps recruit and onboard new talent.

Know and Understand the Emotions of Your Current Employees

Companies are made up of humans, and all humans have emotions. Some are productive and create great results. Other emotions are unproductive, creating a tough work environment and prevent results. Because how employees feel is how they perform, it's critical we know key actions to maintain or to address based on what your employees are feeling. Learn more here.

Know Your People

A key element of a Best Job Ever Culture is to know your people - who they truly are vs. who you think they are. Every person in your organization is unique - regardless of position, department, or function. Understanding different priorities, preferences and values of each employee helps managers lead, builds stronger teams, and promotes personal growth. Using the Everything DiSC suite of reports provides the foundation for understanding and managing performance, as well as develop morale that builds a Best Job Ever Culture. Learn more here.

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