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Looking for a speaker for your group or association? Need a last minute replacement? Here are some of my most popular audience topics.



Studies show that most hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 minutes, and often on instinct or gut feel. The more information you have when hiring, the less you rely on emotion and opinion. The key feature of "job fit" - to the position, to the team, to the boss and to company culture - is a critical factor for a good hire. Learn what makes a good hiring “design” to not only better understand what you seek in your position, but reduce the time needed to understand and ramp up new employees.

Learning objectives for this session:

  • Basic understanding of business assessment options and their uses
  • What’s out there and how to choose
  • ROI benefits and personal applications


You can't build a great company without great people. No one plans to hire the wrong person - so how do they get hired? In many ways, interviewing and hiring employees is a bit like dating. Maybe that's why they are called candi-Dates? You like what you see initially so you decide to spend more time with a candidate. You hope your time together will help you decide if you belong together or not. But just like dating, sometimes hiring a new employee can go horribly wrong.

Learning objectives for this session:

  • Learn 6 key mistakes when interviewing and hiring
  • Why these are so common
  • Bottom line effects and how to avoid these mistakes

LET'S GET ENGAGED:  Making Employee Engagement a Priority in Your Company

Your most expensive problem is employees who are not engaged. Not only are they actively working against your best interests, they are costing you money. When employees have high levels of engagement, they are best equipped to find solutions to overcome all the other challenges you face. This means better performance and higher profits for you!

Learning objectives for this session:

  • What is employee engagement and why is it important?
  • Where and how to start in your company
  • Ways to track to see if you’re making a difference or not


HR Professionals are in a unique position to positively impact the financials and future of an organization. One of the most important challenges facing a company today is the motivation, commitment and loyalty of their employees. Develop a stronger seat at the management table with tips, tools and techniques to sell the boss, the CEO or the company leadership on the need for a formal employee engagement program.

Learning objectives for this session:

  • A three-prong approach to help leadership embrace employee engagement
  • Key Engagement metrics that contribute to ROI
  • How to sell the “value of engaged employees” message within your company

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: A Secret Weapon for Your Success 

Those skilled in Emotional Intelligence outperform others, are better motivators and build better teams. The ability to understand the effect your emotions have on others, and manage yourself accordingly, is a competitive advantage for you and your entire company. Emotional Intelligence is the single biggest factor in driving employee engagement, commitment and results.

Learning objectives:

  • What is emotional intelligence and why is it a secret weapon?
  • 6 key factors of emotional intelligence and why they are important
  • How these factors contribute to business and personal success

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