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Background & Reference Checks

Over 55% of candidates admit to lying on their resume. We offer background checks and reference support, customized to fit your unique needs.

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Fake or Fact?

Applicants may exaggerate work experience, accomplishments, and qualifications in a job interview. StandOurCV reports Google searches on the topic "How to Fake a Resume" are up 48% this year. Searches specifically related to faking a job reference are up 52%.

What common resume lies did they find?

  • Previous work experience: 55.4%
  • Skills: 43.1%
  • College degree (or equivalent): 41%
  • Job specific software and/or equipment skills: 33.5%
  • Employer references: 21%

Mitigate the risk in hiring by conducting thorough background checks, verifying employment history, and checking references.

Conduct these on your own, or utilize the services of our professional Background and Reference Check partner.

Benefits of using a service:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Time savings
  • Legal compliance
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Reduced liability

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