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GENOS Emotional Intelligence Selection

Strengthen your hiring process and measure a candidate's ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions in themselves and others.

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What the EI Selection assessment measures:

  • Emotional Self-Awareness - perceiving and understanding personal feelings.
  • Emotional Awareness of Others - perceiving and understanding others' feelings, showing empathy, and able to motivate and connect with others.
  • Emotional Expression - effectively expressing their feelings, creating more trusting and genuine relationships.
  • Emotional Reasoning - using emotional information in reasoning and decision-making.
  • Emotional Self-Management - effectively managing personal emotions, finding opportunities even when facing adversity.
  • Emotional Management of Others - positively influencing others' moods, feelings, and emotions, especially when managing people.
  • Emotional Self-Control - effectively controlling personal emotions, especially when they are strong.

The report explains these behaviors, offers interview questions, and suggests what to look for when interviewing.

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