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PXT Select™

A suite of reports from a single assessment to help:

  • Hire
  • Onboard
  • Build Teams
  • Develop Employees
  • Promote
  • Coach
  • Manage
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PXT Select Stages of Use

PXT Select™ measures Thinking Style, Behavior Traits, and Interests - 3 areas that impact an individual's approach to situations in the workplace. One powerful assessment with a suite of reports.

  • Performance Model Report - Understand the range of scores and behaviors for each position, and what an ideal candidate for the role looks like.
  • Comprehensive Selection Report - Is the candidate a good fit for your position?
  • Comprehensive Selection Report Sales - Hiring report highlights critical sales practices and how the candidate might demonstrate them.
  • Multiple Positions Report - Compare a single candidate to multiple jobs in your organization.
  • Multiple Candidates Report - Compare multiple candidates to a single job.
  • Team Report - See how a candidate fits an existing team, or learn more about a current team's dynamics and strengths.
  • Manager-Employee Report - Compares a manager to an employee to learn how to onboard as well as work well together.
  • Coaching Report - Coaching advice tailored to each employee and their job.
  • Coaching Report Sales - Tailored coaching guidance with personalized tips and strategies to develop each sales team member.
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