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Sales CheckPoint™ 180°

Capitalize on your salespeople. Target sales development needs more precisely, be more effective in coaching and communication, align sales priorities, and improve productivity and retention.

Sales Checkpoint 180 degree feedback graphic

This 180-degree feedback system helps sales managers evaluate 19 supporting sales skill sets to identify and align key sales competencies:

  • Entrepreneurial Approach
  • Understands the Prospect
  • Develops Appropriate Solutions
  • Prospects Proactively
  • Manages Selling Process
  • Closes the Sale
  • Manages Sales Relationships

The salesperson receives feedback from their sales manager, which is compared to their personal feedback. The information provides useful information to support better coaching and communication, leading to higher salesperson productivity and satisfaction, and lower turnover.

Sales Checkpoint™ 180 is a trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. or its affiliated companies.

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