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"I need people who can sell."

"My success is measured by the sales performance of my people. I lose sleep at night when they aren’t hitting the numbers I need. What can I do improve their results? How can I improve my chances of hiring people who can sell?"


Sales revenue drives the success of every company. One of your key roles is to find and manage those responsible for this success. This is either an interesting and stimulating challenge or a terrible burden. I'd like to help you with a People System - an efficient, fulfilling process that delivers.

Hiring top sales performers is the #1 challenge mentioned by sales managers I know – and every one of them has hired someone they wish they hadn’t. Hire the right salesperson and results happen pretty quickly. Hire an average or (even worse) a mediocre salesperson and you spend money – but aren’t making any.

So why is hiring top sales performers so hard?

  • Poor sales performers can be great at selling themselves – but that’s all. We have ways to help ensure the candidate you interviewed and were impressed with is more likely to be the employee who shows up to work for you.
  • Past sales success at another company is often not transferable to yours. Multiple studies show that “top performers” coming from another company are only 50% likely to be successful at your company. Company culture and your management style affect sales success, even when selling the same thing. Add a different product or service and the success rate drops even more.
  • You’re desperate so you want to be sold. As a sales manager, you are optimistic and people oriented. When you need a sales person, you’re even more likely to lose objectivity in a sales hiring interview.

Effective selling needs a system to follow, and so does hiring great salespeople. My proven Get Engaged™ People System helps you:

  • Better understand what makes a top performer for you, so you recognize another one more readily in an interview.
  • Supplement your experience with objective interview questions to dig deeper in the interview, relying less on luck and more on facts.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the new hire earlier and faster, transitioning them from new employee to performer in a shorter time period.
  • Coach and develop each sales person individually rather than a one-size fits all management system.
  • Create individual development plans for on-going coaching, feedback and engagement. Engaged salespeople will always sell more. 

Getting ready to hire a salesperson? A good place to start is to arm yourself with 6 Hiring Mistakes Most Sales Leaders Make. See why dating and interviewing are very similar - and why we make the same mistakes in both.  After all, they are called candi-dates!

I can also help you better understand and motivate your current team. Let's have a conversation on how I can help you grow sales and revenue – performance and profits!

There are two ways to reach me:

  1.  Call me at 866-373-0300 for a complimentary session to learn more about each other.
  2. Contact me by email. 

Let's Get Engaged!

6 Hiring Mistakes


Getting ready to hire? Avoid 6 Hiring Mistakes Most Sales Leaders Make.

I hope this information helps you find, hire and retain that key talent you need to make your sales goals happen!

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