Employee Assessments


Why Use Employee Assessments?

With a company where people love what they do – enjoy who they work with – and respect who they work for,  everyone is more successful.


Assessments contribute information to the "3 Legs" that make up a solid hiring program.

The 3 Solid Legs of Success Hires
  1. Past – What they bring to the job in references, resume and past experience;
  2. Present – Your impressions when you interviewed them; 
  3. Future – Will they “fit” your job? Targeted interview questions strengthen your interview process.

All “legs” are important, and the most effective and successful new hires are built on a solid stool using all 3 legs.

HIRE – Have a more consistent interview process for better hires. 

  • Identify key traits needed for the job so you recognize it when it walks in the door.
  • Evaluate top performers - why they perform well, and how to recognize it in others.
  • Understand and consider the culture of your company, and how it may affect the success of a new employee.
  • Screen out performance problems such poor work ethic, turnover, absenteeism, workplace theft, hostility and computer or sexual abuse concerns.
  • Dig deeper with customized interview questions for each candidate.
  • Make sure the candidate you interviewed is the employee who comes to work.

ENGAGE - Get new employees producing faster. You also get more discretionary effort from employees with they have clear expectations, on-going and regular feedback, and feel part of a team.

  • Develop and motivate employees as individuals to increase loyalty and performance.
  • Capitalize on the individual strengths and interests of each employee.
  • Spend training dollars more wisely and with better results.
  • Build stronger workgroups and reduce workplace drama.
  • Don’t promote a good employee to the wrong job – and lose that key talent.

LEAD - Key talent is lost when bosses are not respected or properly trained, especially in the areas of  Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development.

  • Plan and build a leadership bench for the on-going success of your organization.
  • Develop great bosses with managerial and leadership skills – people join a company … and leave a boss.
  • Implement customized, individual personal development plans for coaching and mentoring.

our most commonly requested assessments

  • Skills
  • Attitude:  Traits such as honesty/integrity, work ethic, reliability, substance abuse, computer abuse and workplace hostility. 
  • Job Fit:  
    • Fit to the job:
      • Fit to the Job: Can they do the job? (Abilities), Will they like to do the job? (Interests) and Will they fit the personality of the job? (Personality).
    • Fit to the team and company culture
    • Fit to the manager they work for
  • Team: We offer several team assessments including DISC behavior styles.
  • Feedback Assessments: A great way to get development feedback to challenge self-perception, as well as create customized training and development programs for best use of training dollars and results.
    • Emotional Intelligenceconsidered one of the top 10 job skills needed by 2020. Learn more about Emotional Intelligence. 
    • 360 Feedback Leadership: A source for development areas for those leadership positions.
    • 180 Sales Development: Create sales training and development action plans for your reps for accountability and greater sales results.

Assessment Checklist


I'm seeking ways to improve my people, performance and profits.

This checklist can start you on your way to unlock the power of employee assessments in hiring, development, retention and leadership development.

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With so many options available, don't be swayed by a fancy report or a talented "test salesperson". Together, let's choose the best assessment for your individual needs and budget. Then get ROI on that investment when I train you and help you implement your “People System”.  I'm never more than a phone call when you need me.



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